Why are people hesitant with the idea of Car pooling (Importance of Car Pooling and Public Transport)?

Coming from a city like Bangalore , which is also the IT capital of India , traffic is a a major concern. At peak hours it takes close to 1 hour to cover a distance as low as 5 km . During this time , the fuel is simply burned out at Traffic signals.

The department of public transport want to increase the number of buses during peak hours but this traffic jams due to increased number of vehichles(4 wheelers in general) makes it harder for them to increase the number of buses.

So the result of avoiding carpooling :
1.Fuel is burnt unnecessarily . People are in a hurry to leave and their vehicles are in start mode at traffic signal and thats when fuel consumption is at its peak
2.Due to fuel wastage, there is an increase in demand for fuel which again is a national burden and to maintain demand to supply, government is forced to hike fuel price
3.Fuel charges per person becomes very high .
4.Unnecessary road blocks

Advantages out of Car Pooling:
1. Fuel cost can be shared , to be fair and square based on the mileage of the vehicle,the amount of fuel consumed can be calculated and in that way fuel cost per person reduces
2.Traffic Jam reduces and public transport department can provide more buses for the public who cannot afford private transport.
3. Efficient usage of fuel at traffic signals
4.The only hard part in the idea is coordination , and planning your day early
5.Getting to know people better (Human relations improve)

I don't know if this is the problem through out the world but most metropolitan cities in our country face this problem .

Personally I use public transport to travel to the maximum level and seeing the frustration of drivers in traffic jams made me write this article

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