What would evidence of a supernatural creator look like?

So a bunch of astronomers find something in space. After thorough examination there is no doubt whithin the scientific community : only GOD could have designed THAT thing.

Imagine what such a thing could be.
Invent an examination routine for figuring out whether something is of supernatural origin.

I started thinking about this after hearing so many times about "evidence of GOD all around you", which is twisted logic for countless reasons. But still, taking it seriously, what should we expect such evidence to look like?

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To me, the world around me is evidence of a creator

If the existence of the entire universe itself doesn't prove anything about the existence of a supreme diety, how would something within the universe prove it?

Here's an analogy: If you look at any car and can still feel comfortable denying the existence of a car factory, how will looking at a single vehicle component change your mind?

I really love this question and I wish I was creative enough to answer it...

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