If you could live forever, would you ?

Imagine a world where there is no money, no government, no police, no artificial country boundaries, no scarcity, no limits to anything... A world that is one, as 1 country, as 1 city, lead by science, technology, progress and development. You can do everything you wish to do. You can study anything you wish to, there will be access to everything provided to anyone that wants it. You can live the way you want, where ever you want. The earth will be a common heritage to all the people. And science and technology are progressing so fast, without any limits holding it down, that a new medicine has been developed, a medicine that can stop the growing mechanism inside the person and not allow him to grow old anymore, i.e. you can live forever. Of course, you are not going to be immortal, if you cut yourself in the heart you will die. But if you don't, you can live forever without getting old anymore. Would you like to drink that pill and live forever ?

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