I don’t want to work for money but I don’t feel much for living in a cardboard box.

I loath the whole concept of money. Having to to work a job where the major motivator is to make money makes me sick to the stomach.

I’m now 27 years old and I have had several jobs mostly in IT and I do oke I've been told I’m fairly good at my job. But every time my boss of a colleague makes a decision where they think of the budget first and then of the people I just HAVE to open my mouth.

I go home everyday dead tired while I have the feeling I haven’t really done anything that matters.

So my question to you

I want to help people, communities, countries or the entire world if possible and move our society towards a better place.

I have a passion for education I believe its the key towards making the world a better place. But sadly current school systems are generally terrible and everything but inspiring to its students or teachers.

I want to learn, teach and inspire people.

So where do I go or where do I even start? Can anyone recommend me reading material, companies or educational institutions that might fit me?

Or anything at all really any advise is very welcome.

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I don't understand this. Sure, I work for money but I also work because it gives me a sense of purpose in life. It doesn't matter what job it is, if someone hires me and keeps me around, then it must mean I'm doing something right. I also like to see how far I can get in a company by proving myself to be the hardest worker they have. Once again, I do it for money but not just money.

I don't have any sources you could look into but it'd be possible for you to give some sort of IT related computer classes to those who don't want to go back to college but want to learn.

if i could, i would.

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