who is going to win the actual books or the ebooks?

I like reading, but is technology going to end the usage of the actual books that we used to use them at school and university?

There is a long term battle between them. But who is going to end or be more predominant than the other?

Some people prefer using eBooks and some do not.
But I really think that the actual books are more valuable than the eBooks and more interesting as well.
The eBooks is spreading rapidly nowadays...even on your cellphone you could download books?

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While hard copy printed materials aren't going away anytime soon, the advantages of eBooks in portability and availability are undeniable. I can well remember college courses assigning articles to read "on reserve" in the library, then having to compete with 30+ classmates just to get a hold of one of the two physical copies of the thing. Electronic print available at any time to any number of people has thankfully eliminated such obstacles.

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