Would you share a straw with a stranger?

In my country, Argentina, we have the Mate, our national drink. In which you share a straw to drink the tea. It is an amazing feeling of community but in the US people find the idea repulsive. Here people put the names in the children cups at birthdays (the best part of the birthday is to drink from your friend's cups, remember?) Who would you share a straw with? Family? Friends? How about a strange?

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I don't go out of my way to share drinks and straws with people, but I honestly don't mind. Sharing drinks with friends and family doesn't phase me in the least, I'm close to them and the tiniest amount of their germs won't kill me.
When it comes to strangers, I've offered up a drink of mine to a person I might have met only 3 minutes before.
Some stranger's germs won't kill us. I don't see why the idea is so repulsive. As you said, it gives a sense of community. And helps the immune system!

If I can be reasonably certain that they don't have a disease that would kill me, sure. I've been in band for six years so other people's spit has long since stopped bothering me

I find it kind of funny that while I was reading the explanation about the straws, I immediately thought "that's gross" just before reading "in the US people find the idea repulsive". I wouldn't consider myself to be a germaphobe either, so it's definitely a Western thing.

To answer the question, no, I wouldn't share a straw with a stranger. I don't know where their mouth has been.

I don't think it's repulsive, I just don't like drinking after people. Occasionally I'll share a drink it a straw with a close friend or my boyfriend, but not often. Backwash really grosses me out.

It wouldn't really bother me.

If he was cute...

Yeah, I'm a little bit of a germaphobe so I definitely wouldn't share straws with someone I didn't know. I'm a even little iffy about sharing with friends/family really.

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