Who will you be in the story of your life?

I know most will respond somewhat blandly with vapid non sequiturs so i will lead you to get to thinking... We are all connected. We are not what we do for a living or even what we do that makes us happy. We are who we seem to others. You may think of yourself as a people person but others may see you as an asshole. To make sure you see where Im going and what the point is i will say, I do NOT want to know how others see you either.
What i want to really know is, When you die, what impact will you have made.
If you, hypothetically, died tomorrow who would show up and what would they say about you?
Now you can see the question is actually rhetorical and inner dialog is required to answer it. but if you decide to answer, I bet its something like "Well, Im a nice person and smart and I helped people..."
Im sure you are and no you didnt...
The real question within the question would be Did you act altruistically? Did you forgive simply because it is better to do so than live with anger? Do you do things because you hope to get something in return?
now you can begin to see the true meaning of what it means to be connected to others. We can all recall various deeds and kindnesses but how are you every day? So now I can ask again...Who will you be in the story of your life?

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