Is education a resource that can be squandered, not by the recipient, but by the providers?

Parents and governments have finite time and money to apply to education. The education systems sometimes change on a whim with a new government, or alternatively never update.

Should we experiment more or experiment less with our children? Can we cause damage by experimenting? Can we trust the governments and schools to know what is best for our children? Should there be more choice in the education systems available?

For the expenditure, are we getting value? Is it permissible that a school can fail a child by not managing to engage them and light the fire of learning?

Parents care to differing levels and while some assume that school is just a part of growing up and the outcome is not their business, others want to be controlling the syllabus. Should some parents have more control than others?

Schools claim education is a partnership between school, parent and child. Should parents be more accountable? Has society, with it's expectation of two working parents destroyed the viability of this partnership?

Is some education frivolous? Are children leaving school with the right skills? What are important skills that are not taught? Things like balancing your bank account, lifting, stacking, where to find information, how to file a patent, how to create a database, or any skill at all. Parenting even!

Should the last year of school (regardless of leaving age) be "life skills" and provide a segue into maintaining responsibility for your actions, managing your life, sourcing the skills you need, writing down your own morals and virtues and creating a roadmap for your future desires and expectations?

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It's being squandered by the federal government. Schools should be on a local level. No where in the Constitution does the federal government have the right/power to educate the kids.

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