What are your ideas for the future of media?

From the first black-and-white TV box, to the latest HD 3D Internet TV technology. From the phonograph cylinder invented by Thomas Edison to the Apple iPhone made famous by Steve Jobs. From static showcased TV programmes, to on-demand and user-generated content. From traditional hardcopy newspapers, to instant-access digital publications.

Our media consumption patterns are continuously changing at an accelerated pace. The advent of the Internet has triggered a radical transformation of the old media principles. We are at a crucial point in time where our input can shape media standards, policy, and the almighty payment method.

How do you think the evolution of media unfold? What will media look like in 10-20 years? How will it be consumed?

What are your ideas for the future of media?

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Movies where you like create the main char and choose what they say. Well I guess that's like bioware games. Holodecks would be nice. Once we have like environments where we can interact with fictional characters as if they were people I think so many peopl would be much happier.

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