Why is it that the most commonsense idea is taken for granted?

My main focus for this question would like to be on child abuse. I cannot, for everything that's in me, figure out why do mature people do it. Why is it that
children are shown as a ladder down from God, and on the other side their innocence is taken advantage of. Every year, more than 3millionreports are made involving child abuse (physical, sexual and neglect). Out of the 3million reports of abuse, there are approximately Six million children who will possibly not have as bright of a future as they deserved. And out of that more than 5 children die from abuse, each day. Many who survive (childhood) will grow psychological disorders, and about 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, countinuing the horrible cycle of abuse.
My question again is Why? Why do people do it, does it give them some sort of thrill, is there not enough awareness, are the adults now days not "mature" enough to realize they were once babies, who needed as much attention as their own baby, and care, love and most of all patience.
Please help me understand this, as this is my first approach in trying to figure out why is their an inclining number of deaths in children, why do abusers have children if they cannot afford them (mentally). What can I do instead of simply donating and forgetting.

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