Why do we sell ourselves so badly?

I have just finished being part of a team of interviewers for a major corporation and the main thing I noticed was that people in general do a poor job of selling themselves even when give the opportunity and encouragement to do so. It seems like a built in system that stops us from being our own best promoter and we default to putting on the brakes. Why is this? Are we hard wired to default to self destruction instead of self promotion?

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To me, there's nothing like this "built-in" in this behaviour.
It is actually taught, and called "modesty" or "humbleness".
People who talk about them in a lauding manner are seen as too proud.

I don't like people who talk themselves up too much. I think it's a much better quality to be truthful about one's own faults. If people were more truthful then more accurate decisions could be made. Say two people are running for president. One is a total scum bag but talks him/herself up to no end. The other is honest and states his/her faults. The one who only talks himself up will become president because people will be like "hey this man/ woman has no faults" then we wind up with a scumbag president.

Yes it's an extreme example and people can usually sense when someone is a scumbag but there are good liars out there who talk themselves up to get what they don't deserve and ruin the honest person's chaces

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