When scientists are in a "zone" do they experience extra dimensions of thought?

On 60 Minutes a child prodigy suggested that he was thinking in additional dimensions. This child started out as autistic, gradually fought his way out of autism with an obsession with math. By age 8 he was auditing college courses, taught himself all high school mathematics in two weeks and was consistently getting A's in collegiate courses. He was scheduled to graduate from college at age 14.

Although "bright" I never achieved anything special in academia, went through difficult times and emerged with an incredible dichotomy. When my play in chess was off, I lost 13 games in a row to weak opposition, yet when my game is "on" I can play at Grandmaster level based on my experience with humans and computers. I don't calculate I just place my pieces on the squares where they belong.

Sophia Polgar and I share one trait in common. She may have taken a step into a new dimension. When she played routinely she would play 4 tiers below World Championship level. Then one tournament she scored considerably beyond the Level of a World Champion. Her sister said that the only thing different was that she consumed vast quantities of food without gaining weight. I noticed the same thing when going through a massive intuitive phase.

Since the brain is so active when playing chess or other intellectual endeavors e.g. math, does it mean that a sudden jump in talent means when vast quantities of calories flush through our brains, the brain access additional dimensions?

Is intuition really a "6th sense" or is it access to a new dimension?

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