Are we losing real friendship and creating virtual relations??

Today, social networks like facebook enable us to remain in contact every minute. But are we forgetting the old act of true friendships? A friend to have a heart to heart talk. To share things, feelings etc. Just a few but trusted ones that would be around us everytime. Granted we have redefined friendships. But does friendships mean the number of updates and posts we have shared. The no. of tags earned, the no. of likes, no. of pokes etc etc. is this friendship?

Its good that we can keep contact with long distance friends, but what about those which are our workplace colleagues, whom we meet daily. If we keep updating about our mundane things on facebook and other social profiles, then what to talk when we meet face to face? In this world of twitter are we forgetting the art of inviting friends at home, catching up with old happenings?

Like its very easy to post happy birthday on the wall of any friend. Its also very easy to wish him through SMS. But why could we do this, because the social networking sites remind us that your friend has birthday today. then even you are living near and co at his place what we do is just put a comment. Does it carry real feelings? Does it really touch the birthday person's heart? Conversely, if some friend from the huge friend list doesn't wish will the birthday person care? he won't... Cause there are so many friends around, how to recognise the real ones. Where is the element of surprising your friend my suddenly dropping in his door to wish him. To remember his birthday and major anniversaries the whole year round keep planning for them... Aren't we becoming just virtual???

Can the number, of posts, comments, tags, tweets, forwards, likes etc. define the strength of our friendship???

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I think that some are losing their social abilities.

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