How much harm can we commit to creatures in the search for knowledge?

The advancement of scientific knowledge in the life sciences seems to depend somewhat on causing pain to other creatures. To what extent is this justified? Is the knowledge of the human race more valuable than the peace of our fellow creatures?

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we can commit an unlimited amount of harm. but I think the question is more about how much we are willing to do. I think the percieved cruelty should be balanced with the possible gain. so cruelty for cosmetics, no. cruelty for medical knowledge, yes. for scientific, yes.

I think pain for the sake of pain should be outlawed. like the tests and retests involving coke addicted rats, we know it is addictive and yet they go back to it. same with physiological testing. cosmetic testing is not only cruel but shallow. and some medications interact differently with animals than in humans. However it has also proved to be of great use. The hysterectomy was a result of animal testing as are many surgical techniques we have today. As our knowledge progresses our ability to predict outcomes also increases. So perhaps one day our predictive knowledge will allow us to predict how a certain medication will affect an organism without animal testing. experiments with animals have also led towards De-extinction projects, cures to animal aliments, and artificially grown meat. If we gain enough knowledge to predict outcomes without animal tests, if we can bring animals away from extinction, and if we can artificially replace farm animals then there would be no need for any animal to ever really be harmed.

Eventually we'll be able to use computers to simulate it all and thus we wont need to do anything

could use you instead as the guinea pig, lol.

not for cosmetics though,

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