Are the broken generations fixable?

Things of the past such as courtesy, communication, and respect have changed as much as the technology. Most of the young adults have never used ma'am and sir with respect and never plan to. It seems they are only interested in instant gratification and what's in it for them. I am worried we are coming to a world of every man for them self. Is there a way to turn it around? I know there is a lot of good being done with technology and it can be a powerful tool for anyone. Just like anything else though, it can be very damaging and like any tool, very dangerous. I think it can be addicting. Young mothers would rather use their smart phones than listen to their child. It is important for children to be listened to and loved. The teens walking around down town scare me. I was taught you respect your elders and move aside for them, hold doors, and listen to their stories. The children are not just being put in front of the T.V. any more. They are being let on the internet without being told the dangers. I know it is becoming a harder world to live in. It's even harder for the single parents or the young parents without any family to help. I would like to remind everyone it takes a village to raise a child and now a days it is only left up to the two parents who brought them into the world. It is a great privilege to raise children and have a family to be proud of. I hope this issue has some light shed on it. I am worried we are slowly losing sight of the simple things in life that will keep this world together. Do you think there is a chance we can make human contact a need again? We have replaced it with texts and messages. It has put less empathy in our youth. Can we reteach our young parents they are important and have a lot to teach thier children? How?

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