Is Democracy Synonymous With Capitalism?

The Tea Party right wing view that any law not mandated in the constitution is invalid has log jammed our ability to respond as a nation to our serious economic crises. Though they may be wrong about their interpretation of the constitution they are right that we can revoke or alter by vote whatever is expressed only in law unless it has a specific constiutional mandate.

Some very new modern constitutions for free nations, Iceland and Brussels are including mandates for things like universal free education in their constitutions.

Should we do that? Are there core expressions of us as a people, as a nation that we want to create mandates for in our constitution define it as the business of federal government to free education?:

Modern constitutions have more built in ways for "we the people" to intervene when there's a log jam..more opportunities for people to jump over legislators ad have their own petitions heard or even made law. Should we have that?

Modern constitutions set up a separate constitutional court instead of combining them as we do in our supreme court.This provides a away of vetting bills and also opportunity for direct access.

Iceland crowdsourced a new constitution in response to the financial collapse in 2008. It was written by 25 ordinary citizens meeting and exchanging on line

Is this the response all free nations should take as we all stand collectively on this precipice facing great uncrertainty abot our own futures, our children's, of future earth?

Is it time for all of us to write new consitutions from scratch that express the values of our nation? Without the inclusion of shared values can we have a moral compass in our consitutions that will provide a check against corporatocracy and corruption?

Is your consitution strong enough, modern enough to be the core reference for the kind of governance you want now and for the future?

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