Could we build a world without money?

Money has taken over our lives, both when we have it and when we do not. Money is also responsible for a big part of the suffering happening all around then world, i.e. people not having access to clean water because it would cost too much to install the necessary machines to filter and provide water. We have the technology to remove the salt from the oceans, so why are there still people dying of thirst or from diseases unhealthy water? Is money a reasonable excuse to allow our fellow humans to suffer and die? I believe not.
I do not think that everything about money is bad, but it has been used for so long, and it has not really improved our condition as human beings, did it? I does make trade easier, but as I asked previously, is that a reasonable excuse to allow so much pain and suffering all around the world?
That is why I was wondering if there could be any kind of way to build a world in which we would not have to depend on money, and still improve technologically, as well as morally.

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Only in a utopia...and that doesn't exist, nor will it ever.

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