Have we been become terrestrial aliens on our own planet?

If it was possible to ask an animal, lets just say for now a lion, why it went about its daly routine as it does, I would have to believe that it would say, "well I kill to eat, so I will be around tomorrow to do it again..." A lion lives the life the way it does because it gives it the best chance to survive another day.

Now if the same question was asked to a Human, what do you think they would say? Maybe they would say "I work hard to be able to give my kids everything they ever wanted" or " I went to school so I could get a lucrative job" or maybe "I live for the weekends" which I hear a lot as I'm a college student.

Clearly we have a different motive then mostly every other animal alive. So what I want to know is, what do you think this will do to our evolutionary track, will we digress or continue to progress? Are we alienating our selves from our planet, until one day waking up an realize we don't even know how to live here anymore?

In curious to hear what you all think!

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