How do we compel our politicians to truly work for us?

We hear that most polls indicate that politicians are not trust worthy. Politicians are described as being in the pocket of a union, a lobby, a special interest. Every day and week and month and year, there is yet another story of HUGE GOVERNMENT waste of our precious resources, usually meaning money and the things that it will buy.

Politicians generally don't go to jail for their misdeeds and their crimes. The public would like them to repay society but we rely upon the "thieves" to patrol themselves. And they don't do it.

Politicians have their main focus as being in office and then from day one in office their focus is reelection. They seem to forget the part for which they were elected.

Surveys show, for a great many years, that most Americans favor term limits. Every year, many politicians promise to institute term limits, BUT IT NEVER COMES TO PASS!!!!!!

We vote out one "crook" and another seems to take his place.

We tell our congressman, senators, mayors and president exactly what we want and they promise to give it to us, and 4 years later, they haven't.

Should we demand a referendum on say, Term Limits, to take place within 3 months time, with the warning to each of our Congressman and Senators that failure on the part of any representative will cause the voters in each state to initiate a recall of that representative.

How do we really get these so called representatives to represent us, directly and honestly?

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We can't. An individual who truly works for the people has to stand up, and if they get elected, other politicians may follow suit.

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