Are some people significantly more evolved than others?

This is one question that can really be confusing for some people. However, saying that humans are more evolved implies that other living things have stopped evolving, usually at a more primitive stage. From a biological standpoint, this is not true, though many people would like to think that it is. You can look at it this way: every single species currently alive on the planet has been evolving for the same amount of time, since life first started on Earth. Nor have people been evolving faster in that same amount of time. The speeds at which mutations happen in humans and human generation times are both slow by comparison to a lot of other organisms.

It is true that human beings are more complex from a genetic standpoint than a lot of other organisms. However, if you wanted to measure complexity by sheer amount of DNA per cell, we’re actually less complex than many plants. And if you measure complexity by number of genes, we’re tied for complexity with almost every other vertebrate.

This question, about what makes us human, is the subject of a lot of study. Many scientists now think the answer is going to have to do with regulatory DNA and small differences in the way genes are expressed between us and other primates.

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Sure. And that varies from day to day.

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