Should we encourage or discourage illegal immigration?

One of the criticisms I've heard first hand is that, in terms of construction jobs, that the illegal immigrants work harder than Americans and that is a major reason construction foremen hire them.

How many high school kids in the summer would like to pull or hoe weeds 8 hours/day? Someone has to do it. And don't forget about that cheap chicken at various mass outlets. Someone had to process them. If we drive all the illegal immigrants out of the country it is safe to say produce prices would shoot up at least 10% on average.

What about Social Security? Who is going to pay for the thirty somethings when they reach retirement age? Declining populations in Japan, Russia and Germany's rapidly aging populace will further strain any safety nets in those countries.

On the flip side flowing in with the hardworking immigrants are the drug gangs that take up residence in border towns and flow throughout the country. What to do?

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What part of 'illegal' do people not understand?

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