What would be the best advise or help to offer a dyslexic?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 25 im 41 now.
My dyslexia I.Q. test showed that my gognative intelligence is in the top 1% (This and other tests where done again 4 yrs ago which confirmed) however doing a history degree 10 yrs ago maybe wasn't the best thing for me to do as no matter how hard I tried my dyslexia just wouldn't let me break through the finals for lack of argument on the papers even though they seemed solid with facts!
Since then i've done consruction jobs and last year took an electricians course where for the first time I was exposed to physics now I cant get enough of the subject once the symbols where translated for me and the math seemed easy.
There must be others like me out there so what advise would you give?

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Although I am only a Junior in High School, I have a teacher who I found out was also like me. (HE HAS DYSLEXIA TOO!!!!) He teaches Physics and Engineering. I just can't get enough of physics!! I hope to someday either become a nurse or an engineer, but I never knew I would like a class so much. I also think I like it because the teacher is dyslexic also, but I hope this helps? I hear that many Dyslexics are succcessful in the engineering area.

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