Are the laws of physics changing with time?

Where does the shape of reality come from?
Allow me to imagine a time when anything was possible, when possible meant nothing. Just a big sea of possibilities.
Then imagine a plug being pulled at the bottom of that sea, and every phenomena just pouring out of it. Now the bottom of your ocean, what remains of our reality is being shaped by the waters flowing towards the hole. At first the phenomena take any direction, but it so happens that two phenomena meet and their path digs a deeper trench.
The neighbouring phenomena have no choice but to fall into the trench, and this escalates into a riverbed. All phenomena flow towards the river, like water towards a gutter, then flow through it and contribute to entrench the shape of it.
To any observer, it seems unlikely that the river should suddenly change its course. Everything happens in the river bed. It might be broad or narrow, so he might expect some improbability in his predictions of phenomena, but what he would not expect is for phenomena to occur out of it.
Untill it floods, if too many phenomena occur at once...

Is reality shaped by phenomena, and are we just seeing things the other way around because of the riverbed effect?

Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts about this!

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