World Peace - What do you think are the necessary and most important factors to create and sustain global harmony for more than one day?

Everybody desires peace - harmony and balance forming comfortable life for themselves, family, communities and ultimately society. Yet every person's individual ideal of peace varies. Often it is dependent on their environmental conditions. For example a person growing or surviving in a conflict zone may desire shelter and protection from violence; an Indigenous tribe forced to flee their homes due to commercial logging may desire preservation of their natural habitat. A person in an abusive, violent relationship may desire a refuge and means to relocate.

We have a contemporary, expanded definition of 'peace' that encompasses and extends beyond human security. We understand poverty alleviation helps societies minimise crime, sickness and violence. We value the benefits of peace prevention diplomacy and mediation as we do the peace building strategies of disaster aftermath - new ways forward.

Yet what are our collective priorities for peace in society? Is it individual tranquil, prayer and meditation? Good neighbour relations? Giving our children a pristine clean environment to grow in with minimal threat?

What does peace mean to us to achieve? How do we create peace? What values for peaceful cooperation do we give priority? What are the issues in achieving peace? What will our world be like when we 'achieve' peace? Will we be peaceful alone or sharing this world? How? How important is others' peace to our own survival? How important is preserving our environment to achieving peace? What would you give up or change for the sake of peace?

The term 'peace' and its nature has many facets and many perspectives from which to view. Its ultimate definition of 'homoeostasis' can be applied in a myriad of scenarios and perhaps its achievement remains elusive when systemic model fosters the adrenal edge that challenges human stress threshold.

Any insights, thoughts or comments to any of these questions or any related to peace are invited.

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Get rid of religion! Simple

Religious and cultural respect!

Everyone understanding and respectful of others.

We'd need a major overhaul on what we strive for as a whole (money and power). Currently we strive for these with no regard to anyone elses well being. If somehow everyone stopped and thought about how their actions effect everyone else we would have world peace. But nope. Too many think that they are right and everyone else is wrong and so use power and money to start wars

Lobotomies for all.

respect, we can make world peace every day. peace is in our actions, ideas, attitude and most importantly RESPECT.

Put all bad people in the ocean

There will never be world peace - not as long as mankind exists.

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