Traveling - what is that all about?

Life teaches us in the best possible way, doesn't it! In this respect, the most useful part of it has been traveling. Spinning round and round like a rolling stone or soaring like a kite if you prefer - wherever the wind takes you in a whisk or a blow ...

Seeing and experiencing new places has been the most genuine source of knowledge and growth in my life - not only do I learn about my closest friends who I travel with but I also get to know myself better by seeing the world through a different set of eyes every time.

So, my question (OK may be a few ?) to the TED community is:

1. What is traveling to you - a way of life, growth, escape or...?

2. Where would you most like to go?

3. Can you recommend a gorgeous place where you've been?

I'll tell you all my answers at the end of our discussion here 'cause you gotta earn them I guess

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