Has physics devolved into a cult?

In every branch of physics I have studied in detail, we see the complete renunciation of the scientific method.

In astrophysics we see the use of adjustable parameters, the refusal of falsification of the theory no matter what the data says, the active suppression of competing models and the tendency to ignore or falsify data inconsistent with the model.

In general relativity I have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the pacifist Arthur Eddington (who regarded pacifists as really, really important people) manufactured a key data set that propelled the pacifist Einstein to international fame over night (see my article: “The Eclipse Data of 1919: The Greatest Hoax in 20th Century Science” in Infinite Energy Magazine).

This corrupted and derogated data set has been utilized as recently as 1999 by Stephen Hawking in his tribute to Albert Einstein in Time Magazine to prove general relativity is correct, despite contradicting his own writings.

Astronomer David Levy claimed that one derogated and corrupted data point was all it takes to prove a theory correct. (The Eclipse Data from 1919, see above). This is a clear violation of the scientific method.

In quantum mechanics the corrupt experimental physicist Emil Rupp misled the physics community for a decade into believing that he had conclusive experimental proof of key elements of quantum mechanics (ibid).

In nuclear physics we see the clear violation of the scientific method as nuclear physicists refuse to accept an enormous factual record in support of cold fusion. Experimenters get excess heat, reliably on demand in a short period of time---a key favorable paper on cold fusion was published in a Letter to Nature.

The Integral Fast Reactor programm which could have made America energy independent was shut down for political reasons, not scientific reasons. This is further distortion/corruption of the scientific method

Is this new paradigm going to replace the more traditional scientific method?

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