Why do we throw perfectly good bottles into a recycling bin, thereby smashing them up? (We do this in the UK, Spain, France that I know of)

Isn't it about time the UK went back to a bottle-return culture for the bog-standard everyday plonk? I realise for fine wines, the return culture is not do-able. But that is not the mass market here. And wine boxes are poorly promoted, though good.
Local Authorities spend an absolute fortune collecting smashed-up glass. I don't know what happens to it after that; but it must surely take up a lot of global energy.
Why can't we get the major supermarkets to pool their resources and agree on a design they all like for their 'house' wine. Then, when we visit the supermarket, we could drop the generic bottles off for re-using?
I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't think this is logical. And at a time when our local councils' budgets are being cut, and we are in an era of recycling, what's wrong with re-using?

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