New forms of government? If the current systems are not working, what will?

The planet's population is set to explode (more) over the next 200 years - border disputes, population migrations and wars are likely to increase. Currently, all of our governments are territorially based and rely on centralized hierarchical power structures. Of course, there is also the power structure of large corporate entities, whose agenda is exploitation rather than benefit of people or the planet.

I toyed with an idea of governance by forums (forae?) where everyone in a suburb comes together regularly, and sets up action groups to achieve projects. I.e., to raise money, build a playground, approve zoning applications etc. One 'project' sought volunteers to attend the city wide forums and represent the area in making decisions affecting the larger community. People from that forum would choose a project to be involved in - with the state, federal etc groups. Membership was voluntary and every project reported back to their home forum on what they did, said and spent.

It was an open book, transparent approach, allowing those with the best skills and abilities to contribute. There were many positives. The downside was most people liked being heard, but didn't like to act. That meant, over time, as people were continually asked to participate and put in effort, the forums became quieter and the central group of volunteers ended up doing everything. It became voting by attrition.

What other models or ideas have people come up with and tried that might work to govern?

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