Our president had the audacity to call the numerous scandals surrounding his administration and leadership PHONY. The REAL phony is the one who said it. Amirite?

This man continues to amaze me with what he will do. The Benghazi scandal is real. The IRS scandal is real. The NSA scandal is real. And yet America's Commander just thinks by calling them phony they will disappear and he can move on to create more CHANGE! It is beyond time to hold this man accountable for all the damage and destruction he has inflicted on WE THE PEOPLE.

Victims of 'Phony Scandals' Say They Are Irate at Obama's WordsTwo victims of what President Barack Obama describes as phony scandals say they are irate over that description.http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obama-phony-scandals-victims/2013/07/25/id/517111
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