Should we legalize marijauna to save our inner cities?

America has a huge drug abuse problem that rots our inner cities. If we create a pool of money to fight crime, poverty and hunger in our inner cities the benefits to society would be enormous. Make marijuana legal, tax it excessively and look for matching funds e.g. if Bill and Melinda Gates can fight disease in Africa, they can fight hunger and disease in America.

One way to help end poverty is to revise the tax code. We need a graduated consumption tax to benefit the poor and the lower middle class. A flat tax i.e. 9-9-9 is severely regressive and clearly punishes the poor. A graduated consumption tax benefits those who must pay all their pay checks for basic living expenses.

Make several food stuffs free for everyone e.g. whole grain flour or bread, some milk products, beans, and some kind of oil.

Have recognized local charities and religious organizations distribute the funds (legality?) to cut down on bureaucracy. Give shopowners $5/hour to hire at risk kids; they make up the balance to meet minimum wage. Involve local trade's professionals to provide apprentice programs.

Kids can learn to show up on time and en masse to work to clean up neighborhoods, run errands for the elderly, make minor repairs and take down tagging by gang members.

Day care will also be provided on a subsidized basis. Moms will be trained as day care workers so that others can work in “real” jobs and/or improve their education.

Finally, we should encourage kids to graduate from high school. Every child in defined high-risk areas who graduates, gets some kind of additional benefit whether it be monetary or payment in kind.

These medications for our societal malaise would greatly improve life for inner city residents and promote a return to cities, so that our resource base is extended from the lesser carbon footprint of cities versus rural areas. With the reversal of urban blight we would see a drop in crime, incarceration, and prostitution

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