How do you feed your soul these days?

We are hungry.
We yearn, strive, thrive, grope for ...
We often think in want! I gotta have this, that and the next, etc. etc.
Our bodies are designed this way I guess. But too often one seems to forget that it's not just our pure physical instinct that need to be addressed.

To-day I read something that deeply moved me (and seemingly provoked this question). In Bulgaria in recent years a new generation of democracy is being formed out in society. These are young people who think in want: materialistic kind of people who are often deprived of soul substance. Unfortunately, as an educator and communicator with many, (though I hate to admit it) I rarely meet inspiring young people.

Many may not be affected at all by the latter.Still I think it's a thing to ponder on: How did we feed our soul to-day? I read and learned!

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Pho. Pho is the best meal ever. EVER.

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