Should Deception truly be looked down upon?

I personally admire the art of deception. Immoral as though it may be, lies have proven themselves incredibly useful over the course of history and, if executed by the right individuals in the right way, can lead to incredible things.

Now, I do not admire the consequences or causes themselves, but the act. If you consider the essential core of deception - manipulating the human mind by deliberately feeding it false information and anticipating a desired result - the feat is astounding. The scenarios surrounding the lie are merely relevant if you are to define the ultimate judgement of the deceptive act.

What I'm trying to say is that I view Deception much like I view Death. The process itself is fascinating regardless of context, but we still mourn the passing of Steve Jobs while celebrating the demise of Hitler. We tend to value that which is lost or gained throughout the process more than the actual act.

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