Where can someone looking to volunteer abroad find placement?

I am looking to volunteer or work in Europe preferably, but would be willing to go somewhere else for good cause. I have been looking on and off for months now with nothing but frustration to show for it. I can pay for a ticket, but can't afford to pay fees in order to volunteer like several organizations charge and don't have a college degree which is required by many of the places I have looked. Making money is not my goal but rather find myself desperately wanting to make a difference and experience new cultures in the process. It is tempting to travel aimlessly and may end up doing so if I can't find an organization to work with. I have little interest in spending any more of my time and money going back to school just for a piece of paper. I have been there done that with over 80 credits I have more than enough for an AA but not the right ones apparently. I want hands on experiences helping to change the world and make it a better place. I don't have a particular area of interest and have a very diverse work background. I have managed retail stores, provided technical support for consumer electronics and even spent two years as a correctional officer. In addition I have about two years of construction experience with two years of architectural classes. Surely I can be of use to someone. I ask this question not just for myself, but for those in a similar situation who want to make a difference and just don't know how.

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