what might be the human needs after 300 years?

Twenty years back my need/wish was to have a pet robot to help me with my class assignments. Today it is a reality. Now there are robots replacing live pets and they are doing much more than what i had wished for. Every day some technologies are becoming obsolete and many new are being introduced. Today my need is to keep abreast of them. My need/wish is to have a means to erase the knowledge about the obsolete technologies and to add the knowledge of the new technologies in to my brain, overnight, so i can be abreast of them the next day morning. One day this might be a reality and may be possible to do much more than i have wished for. 300 years down the line, i think the human need/wish might be to send human pairs, genetically empowered to survive any hostile situation, to different planets to save our race from extinction.

Please share what your childhood needs were, what your current needs are and you think humans might need after 300 years.

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