Are we being conscient for paying our taxes?

I was wondering if I'm being a successful citizen and I came to believe I may not be... And that concerns me a lot!
Why do I pay for my taxes? Aren't we Investing our money for Human Beings like me to handle and direct the money I trustfuly "donate" to make this society work well for everyone?

I don't feel alright when I see the people who ought to be looking forward to making my money be wisely invested wasting and stealing for the sake of someone else's or their own interests when it should be being invested in projects, social programs, good honest food for these people I don't feel alright to see on the streets living in rejection.

It may seem silly to be said, but I don't know precisely where Wellfare's money is being spent on, for I don't know where the money goes in any way, because I'm not told so, but I Really wouldn't mind if it were spent in People better than in things, and if it is to be spent in things, it wouldn't really bother me if these things were good, made for everybody's use quality things.
It is all right for me if people are different, but I can't bear giving away my workforce to support corruption and other human beings' bad life conditions.

My project consists in a system that allows citizens to have access to detailed information over the government expenses and be able to keep an eye on what, why, and where the money is being spent on, so that they can choose if whether they find it fair to be paid or not.
I think I have the right to choose not to invest in war, corruption and other things I don't support, and to make this money work for education, peace, good water and food, clean quality urban places, access...

I thought deeply about this matter and I am open to receive any information about it, because I'm still very concerned and thinking about it.
How do you deal with it? How does it work in the place you live? Did it sound important to someone else?

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