Is the world prepared for peace?

I love the concept of a peaceful world, but am afraid that the world isn't ready for the ramifications of such a place. As doctors and scientists continue to innovate and get increasingly proficient at prolonging life our population will continue to grow. Factor in no more deaths from war and fewer accidents it will explode. We will also have to find ways to keep people actively engaged in peace so as to maintain it. As we approach a much needed day of peace I am left to ponder what comes next. I for one have decided not to have any children, but would love to adopt one day if I find a willing partner and have the means to support and enrich their life(s). I am not for war or violence but see how it has helped keep the population in check and in turn see the need for it's replacement in that role if it is to be stopped. With more mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, shelters to build, and minds to occupy it will become increasingly harder to maintain peace. We might even risk throwing the earth off it's axis as cities get bigger and buildings get taller. What are your thoughts?

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