Is societies' view on sports harmful?

I like practicing sports but I never watch them since I feel that it's a waste of my time and that it polarizes society.

My thought is that it's ALWAYS harmful to think in terms of "We & Them" instead of simply "We", the prior is to me what most sports are about.

I have been thinking about this for quite some time and yesterday when I typed "Liver" on Facebook to find a fried "Liverpool FC" showed up with it's 6,5 million likes, while I already knew that TED only has 1.2 million...

I wen't further and checked Real Madrid (17) and FC Barcelona (18) while School only has 2 million likes, I think you get the trend and what I'm going at...

Shouldn't we invest out time on better things then watching football?

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I often think views on sports are infantile. Sports are games, and games are what children play. They can be enjoyable and good for our health and learning how to get along with others. But there is nothing critical about their existence. I personally don't get worked up when a team wins or loses.

Some people's, not societies.

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