Is giving Junk food to kids child abuse?

We live in a world where children obesity is growing in large numbers, and yet very few parents seem to be doing anything about it. One can argue that children can really not be to blame as these food choices and lifestyles are made for them from early ages. So my question is whether the habit of constantly getting children used to junk food should be deemed as child abuse or not and what do you think should be done about this.

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Depends on the circumstance. Some families can't afford to eat healthy food in decent quantities. So they have to buy lesser expensive food that's usually made with fillers and additives and have poor nutritional value. But I would have to say that anyone who eats so unhealthy and has no concept of proper nutrition and exercise shouldn't be caring for children. It is consider abusive to be negligent of their child's diets by way of feeding them crap, or not being able to give them the proper diet to actually live (causing illness, malnutrition). A parent is responsible for their kids well-being, and that includes their diets and fitness.

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Giving kids a cookie every once in a while is not child abuse. Feeding kids nothing but unhealthy food is a bad thing, but it's ridiculous to think that we should limit children to only eating or doing things that have a completely positive effect on their bodies and minds. Doing so is a sure fire way to cause a child to rebel once they get older.

it is abuse if the child is being force fed to a certain extreme degree

In moderation, no. But for every meal, every week with no veggies, fruits, or natural ingrediants, in my opinion, yes.

Out of my mother's children, my brother is the only one that refused to eat anything but hotdogs and mac n' cheese. He eats fine now as an adult, and he loves veggies as much a the rest of us. Parents try, that's all I can say. My daughter eats everything, my son, not so much. I have tried getting him to eat more veggies, but he cries and spits em out. Would force feeding him healthier food be a better option so I am not "abusing" him? He is active and eats fruit, drinks milk and water. I have no doubts that as he grows, he will accept better foods.

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