Is a "woman's" intuition related to religion as an evolutionary trait?

When a single woman is about to enter an elevator with a single man inside, her intuition might tell her, "Don't go in!" This is "hardwired".

Suppose this response dates back a million years? Consider what must have been a major step in evolution that began to separate us from the great apes. For millions of years female primates would pick the biggest and strongest males for procreation. At some point, though, physically weaker but more intelligent primates might have begun to be preferred because they could find food, water and shelter better than their oafish peers.

Female primates would band together to protect females in estrus from these males to decrease sex from the undesirable males.

A female primate might have been surprised by a stronger male. She would fight to the death to prevent that male from impregnating her (the elevator scenario).

A "genius" female, though, would allow rape knowing she could teach her offspring to be "smart" gaining the Greek ideal of a strong mind in a strong body.

Fast forward. The men strike back!

To regain male supremacy look at religion.

Siddhartha, the Buddha, was tempted by the three daughters of desire sent by Mara the evil one. Clearly woman is viewed as an agent of evil.

In Genesis we see Satan use logic on Eve to persuade her to destroy Adam's faith in God. She is viewed as evil for causing Adam to disobey God. (However, she is the last act of creation, superseding Adam. Dust is to Adam as Adam is to Eve.)

In Christianity it was female prophets who tended to Jesus on the cross (the male prophets headed to the hills to avoid crucifixion). When the Council of Nicea in the 3rd Century was completed, women were subjugated in Christianity ever since.

In the Muslim faith we have the Burqa.

In Judaism we have "misunderstood moderism" versus the Jewish Law, Halakhah, which is far more female friendly.

Because of the fear of temptation men have for women in organized religion this appears to be "deevolution".

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It's really just something about us paying attention to details

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