Why do we still have poker (slot) machines?

The government seem to care enough for peoples well being and welfare as to making safety laws around poker machines, and to come up with “harm minimisation strategies”, But why don't they just get rid of them all together?

“Australia’s 200,000-odd poker machines transfer more than $10 billion dollars each year from the pockets of Australian gamblers to the coffers of pub owners, club managements, and state governments.” Four corners 2007

Obviously the government makes a lot of income off them, and it wouldn't be in their best interest not to do so, so they just look like they care about people and offer support for addicts and so on; but why don't we the people rise up and demand a ban?

I could be wrong, but the pros on a ban, seem to outweigh the cons. Yes some people will lose their jobs, but look at all the families who will get to see their parent(s), husband, wife more often, and the families who will be able to afford higher quality food/cloths. (I am aware that these are some of the more serious issues).

I’m sure some of the debates would be “why should everyone suffer at the expense of a few who have addictive problems”, the only thing the responsible people are missing out on is losing their money, as over time you are likely to be running at a loss.
Let me know your input, and if you can think of any consequences that I am ignorant to see

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Why - because they make the owners a LOT of money.

And, if someone wants to throw away their money on gambling, then that's up to them. It's the same thing with alcohol, drugs, etc - gambling is the same addiction.

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