How much do you think your thoughts and feelings affect your cellular health?

As cells are conscious beings in as far as they know what they need to survive and what is available for them in the environment they flourish under the right circumstances. They communicate with each other and with us as well. Do we always react on their signals and what are we sending back?

In a documentary I saw a young man that survived cancer and to his conviction as result of his communication with his cells. He let them know as he said that if they didn't do a better job in growing that he would die and they would be finished off also.
Does anyone else have experiences or knowledge of similar things?

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This being something which is known since the dawn of mankind, I'm surprised I learned so late that life and health do not only depend on our body being supplied with water and food.
Hate, loneliness, greed, fear actually kill you slowly.
Maybe because they all induce some kind of stress, which is well known to cause virtually every kind of malfunctions in the body.
We, pluricellular beings came into being when separate cells began working together, becoming a single entity.
They naturally work together, but breaking somehow the harmony in a billion-cells organism calls for dramatic consequences to the whole.
These are probably utterly subtle mechanics that will not be understood soon.

Very little

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