What do you think are the inherent differences between someone raised in the city and someone raised in a rural area?

As a kid who grew up (and is still growing up) in southern Vermont I've always considered myself to be a product of my environment. The tranquility and poetry of the landscape has undoubtedly been the source of my contemplative way of thinking. The low concentration of people has led me to value people and relationships in a way I don't think I would if I was raised in say, Philadelphia.

That being said, I think the cultural isolation has really created a disconnect between my world and the real world. What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being raised in different areas? And do you think there is an 'ideal' place to grow up?

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How they feel about long car rides.

It all depends on personality and what you prefer. I've lived in smaller towns and bigger towns, and though I prefer a mix of both, both are good to live in.

What you're talking about, I believe, is "nurture" while the word inherent, or inborn, is talking about "nature."

The following things could be correlated with where a person is raised: trust, religion, relationship values, culture, language, clothing, and countless other things.

There is no "best" place to grow up, because just the word best is based entirely on a person's values. Personally, I think where I live was a great place to grow up.

How they feel about long car rides.

I guess I'm kind of in-between, because I've lived in mid-sized metros all my life. I would say that people from rural areas are more polite, and generally speaking, have a stronger moral compass ("country values"). People from the city tend to be more business-minded, and more about getting things done.

I could rant forever and ever about this. And why stop at city vs. rural? Why not north vs. south?

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities. My family moved to Springfield, Missouri, which I like to call a big city with a small town mind. I could spend all day talking about the differences. There's differences in education, aspirations, manners, interactions, clothing styles, and even the way gender roles are treated.

I think the biggest difference is in urban areas, people focus on the individual, while small towns focus on everybody. Both viewpoints have their pros and their cons. It's a matter of personal preference.

I personally prefer to not be surrounded by people who don't take education seriously, who get all up in my business when they don't even know me, who look at women as baby making-machines and who don't care about how they portray themselves to others. I'd prefer to not be surrounded by slow walkers. And I can get the door for myself, I have two arms. And no, I do not plan on following the formula of graduating high school, attending the mediocre local college to be either a teacher or nurse (because those are the only two options for girls) getting married as soon as possible and having kids that repeat the cycle. A girl I went to high school with literally said that prom is the most important day of a girl's life. PROM. Not graduating college, or moving out on your own, or getting your dream job, or traveling somewhere you've always wanted to go. PROM. What the actual fuck?

See, "Country Mouse vs. City Mouse"

The pace of life itself.

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