How much money is JUST enough?

in today's first world countries, earning how much money is JUST enough to support oneself, or to support a family? but also, what's the best way to change other's views on materialism?

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well according to one study
it's about 75,000

any extra money doesn't lead to more happiness
75,000 is the limit of how much happiness money can buy

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what 4? is it 4 billion dollars? hmm smilie

I dunno but for me being a single dude on the central coast of california who doesn't drink smoke or party $30,000/year seems to be plenty with decent to moderate savings

"You know you have too much money if you've ever bought a macaroon..."- Tommy Little

There is no defined amount. It varies by location, average price of necessities in that location, and I also think what the individual deems to be "necessary" to live also comes into play. Some people think that a cell phone is required to live.

Because of inflation, I'd say that a family brings in $150,000-$250,000 to live a very comfortable lifestyle in a nice home, good nutrition, and activities. It also really depends on the size of a family and where they live. Where I live (east coast Canada) a single person making $80,000-$100,000 is still pretty good - even for a family. A place like Vancouver, Canada, where I'd like to find myself someday, $100,000/year is quite minimal.

It's made me re-evaluate my career path as a meteorologist (I'm still in my undergrad) as they make just average income by today's standards. Maybe go for a masters degree if you want some good income for a family.

enough to live comfortably

Nunca el dinero ha sido suficiente para quien lo ve como instrumento de poder y control.

JUST enough would be minimum wage in a low-class apartment in the intercity. But that's not a fun life to live.

Enough to cover your nut and enjoy a treat.

Enough is that amount that meets the needs of housing, food, health, sustainability of all that exist within that unit or family

when entire money (circulating in the world), is in your pocket.

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