Is it really possible to build community simply by listening and speaking about things that matter while truly enjoying "la buena vida"?

Welcome to a Conversation at the Café.

This is a joyful place, sometimes serene but always an exciting place of possibilities. This conversation is for everyone who loves to listen, speak, and enjoy. This isn’t a place as someone once said, for crazy theories or psychology, just good conversation. I invite you to answer the questions that will be posted daily and feel free to add to conversations already begun.

We all live in different spaces everyday, public spaces like this conversation, social spaces where we share who we are, personal spaces with close friends, and intimate ones. The purpose of this conversation is to explore that public and social space and try to build a real community of people. It isn’t community just because everyone is plugged in, it is community when there is a common view for who we are and where we are going. One way to begin to to arrive there is by sharing opinions and ideas about things that do matter deeply. Everyone can speak, everyone should listen. Everyone is welcome at the table. Feel free to add a comment.

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