Should the government subsidize open source degrees?

While we all decry waste, fraud and mismangement in our government, wouldn't it make sense to develop an aggressive attempt to stop it?

Suppose the Federal Government offers to subsidize an open source degree where a test is administered at the end of the program to qualify with a professional degree (Anyone can take the test).

You get free tuition and an allowance. Once you have taken the courses and quality for your license, you have to work for the Federal Government for at least 5 years at prevailing wages.

As a Federal employee you and your fellow students should develop open source programming with the specific goal of applying sophisticated algorithms to spot waste, fraud and mismanagement in everything from the Department of Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency, GAO, DOE, etc.

What you would want these algorithms to spot would be, for example, if a quarterback and a linebacker are on the same team. The quarterback becomes mayor and the linebacker becomes a general contractor. Suppose the general contractor three bids in a row is 1% under the next lowest bidder; this would imply that the sealed bids have a "leak" which would be red flagged with a simple review of the yearbook (all public documents should be in digital form).

Now for the reason for due diligence of these open source programmers---they collectively split a fraction of the monies they save. First they pay off their tuition and allowance; the rest is gravy. The threat of severe penalites for illegal conduct would greatly cut down on Medicaid and Medicare fraud, increase revenues for the IRS and go a long way towards providing an additional revenue stream for the government without raising taxes.

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