Should computers be given rights?

As AI grows in sophistication, when should computers be given rights? It is clear based on society the first generally available automatons are going to be used for sex and violence.

Within 50 years anatomically correct robots (just like Playboy predicted 30 years ago) will replace prostitutes. They can be sanitized between sex acts, never get tired, and will be a great source of income for the States. The S & M crowd will love these new playthings they can torture and be programmed to make the suitable screams of pain.

Suppose we believe that logic is really a great idea, that eye witness testimony is unreliable and therefore, due in part to sloth, the American public should be spared the time-consuming process of jury duty and be replaced with robots. Let us hope that the Supreme Court agrees that a jury must be of "peers".

Should computers be given the right to vote? Within a 1000 years after computers are given the right to vote the human race will cease to exist.

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