Why does America have a failed energy policy? How do we break our addiction to oil?

Ethanol drives up food prices world wide especially for those already on the brink of starvation.

Large numbers of wind turbines will wipe out millions of birds and bats. The tall towers will result in the stroboscopic effect for miles and the ultra-low frequency sound creates deleterious impacts on health.

Fracking for natural gas involves potential air and water pollution.

Solar is rapidly approaching the end of significant improvements either in terms of efficiency of the conversion of light into electricity and the reduction in the weight of solar cells; it requires massive subsidies. South of Pennsylvania all new constrution should have passive solar as part of building codes and amoritzed over the life of the mortgage.

Fusion, putting the sun in the box, will not appear in time to have any impact on global warming. Splitting atoms, fission, is simple for the CEO's of utilities to understand. You "burn" the fuel, heat water and run turbines.

Why would the conservative CEO's of utilities buy into fusion technology? They will want to see that it has proven reliability and low costs to build, operate and maintain. This will require decades of proven reliability before any unsubsidized reactors are purchased.

Senator John Kerry (D, MA) opposed a major known alternative to the hot fusion program at MIT; he tried to shut down the Integral Fast Reactor as it was nearing completion (google under wiki and IFR). Kerry's reason for shutting it down i.e. that it was a threat to nuclear non-proliferation was refuted by Charles E. Till an expert in the field. Kerry was the only Senator who actively opposed the IFR. Where did Kerry get the bogus information that the IFR was a threat to nuclear non-proliferation?

Coal is dirty and deadly and an environmental disaster.

Modern fission reactors can't meltdown and consume their own wastes. Low-level radiation is beneficial; we must resist the hysteria over Japan. Nuclear is safe, clean and green.

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