Is the coal cycle worse than the holocaust?

According to the website, "Deaths per terawatt hour by energy source" tens of millions of Chinese will die from coal-related diseases over the next 50 years. We will defeat the Chinese with their health care system. The Chinese are severly addicted to smoking and they love Kentucky Fried Chicken. When you combine addiction to smoking with coal pollution, you are talking tens of millions of lung cancer deaths over the next fifty years.

This will occur at the same time as their growing, aging middleclass will want more, better healthcare and retirement benefits. This will occur as they face more cancer, more heart disease, more obesity, more autism, alzheimer's disease, diabetes and the other health ills of the West.

We bankrupted the Soviet Union with excess military spending; we can bankrupt China with the Marlboro Man, Kentucky Fried Chicken and King Coal.

Now add the tens of millions of dead Indians and other dead millions of the developing world, over 2 mllion casualties in the US and you will find that the death toll from coal over the next 50 years will surpass the holocaust by a factor of 3-5. The environmental destruction of the coal cycle will be surpassed only by the devastation of World War I and World War II.

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