Why is success so important in life?

I fail to understand why we succumb ourselves to tremendous pressure all the time just to be successful, just to be better than the rest.

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That is a really interesting thought, and I think it's gonna take a lot more than a text box to even start to understand it. With that being said, I think it's because in general people define their worth by their success.

Society as a whole has a way of undermining the intrinsic value that each person has simply by virtue of being an completely unique, unrepeatable human person.
So I think when someone fails to recognize his or her own innate worth, he or she needs to find worth somewhere else. If who you are doesn't matter, then what really does matter is what you do, right?

It's everywhere. TV, magazines, books, movies, your facebook wall; all of this advertising and such sends a message that you can be happy if only you have a different job, or car, or a bigger house, or a more attractive significant other, or if you were more attractive, or if you had a bigger paycheck, or got better grades in school, or if you buy the right brand of clothing, or if you drink the right drink, or whatever. The list goes on for days.

The natural consequence is that the people who buy into this seek validation from their choices, and those people become their decisions instead of a valuable human being who makes also makes decisions.

When people are their decisions, they have to succeed or else they become worthless. A man who defines himself by his bank account is nothing if his bank account is nothing.

So yeah, society perpetuates this myth that people need to succeed to have worth, but really having a pulse makes one more valuable than the the best success.

Because happiness is success, and success is happiness and being happy is most important

@KarissaBestISAMILF Because happiness is success, and success is happiness and being happy is most important

If happiness is success and success is happiness, then one could not exist without the other. But happiness does exist without success. Only a tiny fraction of people have the resources and talent and dedication required to succeed, but a lot more than a tiny fraction of people are happy.

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