Is modern science the "New Inquisition" with editors of peer-review journals, gate keepers and funding agencies replacing the high priests?

Is modern science just special interest groups? The Eclipse data of 1919 was the lowest quality data ever published yet served to cement general relativity as a strong model. To this date no one from "Big Physics" has never repudiated this data consistently. Professor Stephen Hawking in his book, "A Brief History of Time From the Big Bang to Black Holes" called it "shear luck". Then in his Time Magazine article Hawking said the Eclipse Data, "Confirmed in spectacular fashion..." general relativity. I asked Professor Hawking to explain this discrepancey; he never responded. MIT scientists destroyed any serious study of Low-energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion) by changing the experimental design of the cells after the experiments were run when the first studies were undertaken at MIT. This was used by hot fusion scientists to derail funding by DOE for research in this field. To study cold fusion go to France, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Israel or other countries to get funding. General relativity and quantum mechanics started out with fraudulent data. Arthur Eddington cooked the books for general relativity and Emil Rupp provided fraululent data but it took a decade to unmask the fraud. Astrophysics? Just read the introduction by Brian Martin: "The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics The Big Bang Scandal". In geology I wrote an article on plate dynamics that repudiates much of plate tectonics (I have processed over 1,000,000 km of underway sounding data and studied in the field for 35 years); after a massive mailout, I got not one response. Geneticists by "scaring the pants" off Congress forced the linear no-threshold model on the world community which has led to the suppression of nuclear power, compromised diagnostic testing, led to undesirable radon abatement and the ascension of coal. The cost in human lives = 3-4 times the number of holocaust victims with environmental destruction comparable to the major wars. Does anyone have similar tales?

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